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Missing File in script download

Hello. Installation instructions for this script say:

The script requires write access (e.g. CHMOD 77x) to the following folders and sub-folders. Please update these before installing (the installation will warn you if it does not have write access)
 config
 logs
 tmp
 webroot/datafeeds
 webroot/images

However, there is no webroot/datafeeds directory in the unzipped download. Please advise.

Hi Lynne, let me check that out now and get back to you. I did receive your email so I'll reply directly to you.

Hi Lynne, that comment in the instructions for the datafeeds is incorrect. I've removed it from the instructions, but you should be able to install the script without issues. Please let me know.

hi pet change laguange this file ?

Hi Osman, are you looking to translate the script? The foundation is there and I can add the language files for your particular language if you want.