PHP Article Script

php article scriptThe PHP Article script allows you to create a niche Article site for authors to publish their articles and news items, and for the public to browse these publications. The site is fully configurable allowing you to manage every aspect of your site.

Your authors are provided with a professional administration backend to manage the creation and editing of their articles. Both the front end and backend pages are fully responsive to look great regardless of the device that is being used (PC, Tablet, or Mobile). To ease the maintenance of your site, you can configure the auto approval of new articles; however care must be taken to ensure that this does not lead to unnecessary spam.

Monetizing the articles published on your site with ads (e.g. Google Adsense) is straightforward. The script supports the integration of virtually any ad code. Simply copy and paste the code provided by your ad vendor, and your ads will start to appear immediately.


  • Responsive user interface (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
  • Create a niche article site with customized categories for your Authors
  • User registration with secure token email validation, forgot password capabilities
  • Author backend functions to create, edit, and publish articles
  • Ad integration to monetize your traffic


Get the PHP Article Script right now and install it. Try the script out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied, send us an email within 30 days after purchasing, and we will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It’s as simple as that.


You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! With the above guarantee the risk is 100% ours not yours. So why not give the PHP Article Script a try right now.


  • HTTP Server (e.g. Apache)
  • PHP 5.3.0 or greater
  • MySQL 4 or greater


  • Full source code provided
  • Free email support
  • License includes unlimited domains

Front End

  • Responsive UI. The front UI is fully responsive and adapts to the screen size (PC, tablet or phone)
  • Improved Google SEO for responsive search results
  • New user registration
  • Forgot password, reset password with auto email validation secure tokens to reduce and eliminate fake registrations


  • Responsive UI. The admin UI is fully responsive and adapts to the screen size (PC, tablet or phone)
  • Configure your site to auto approve articles as they are submitted, or manually review and approve articles before they are published.
  • Category management with support for primary category display
  • Social media integration
  • Enhanced security with per user SALT and advanced password encryption. Your user’s passwords are secure.
  • Search engine optimization built by design vs. an add-on after the fact. Get indexed accurately and quickly.
  • Google re-captcha integration. Reduce spam quickly and effortlessly.
  • Integration with Google Adsense (or any alternate) to allow you to monetize articles.
  • One Click Installation


Front end –

Back end – (credentials are on the login page)